Solubility Ksp question to determine the maximum Cl ions required to be added

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Question: 250cm3 of solution containing 0.05 moldm-3 of Ag+ (aq) and 0.04 moldm-3 of Cu+ (aq). NaCl is added into the solution to precipitate AgCl while keeping Cu+ in the solution. What is the maximum amount of AgCl I can add?

Max moles of Cl  = Cl in AgCl (s)    +   Cl in saturated solution

  1. Calculate nCl- in saturated solution:

  1. Calculate nCl- in AgCl (s) ppt:

During saturation,

Moles of AgCl precipitated out = Ag+ in solution originally    –   Ag+ in saturated solution



  1. Calculate total nCl- :




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