A collaborative notes sharing platform

We are a group of University students who have completed our A Levels. When we were preparing for our A Level examinations, we made use of resources we can find online to craft notes. Notes contain compiled pieces of information that are written in a coherent manner, and thus they are extremely useful in improving our understanding of a subject. We always thought that by sharing our notes with one another, we can learn even faster.

Today, we created this website to facilitate the collaborative notes sharing process and to allow students to improve on their notes and their understanding of different subjects together.


The future of thenotesrefinery project

We would like to dedicate the future of thenotesrefinery¬†to Mr. Luo Chen, the project’s co-founder, for his contributions, his unwavering support, and being an amazing friend.

A revamped and much-improved version of thenotesrefinery is currently in development!